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Central Distribution Centre

Central Distribution Centre

Our distribution centre is purely customer-centric and serves as a bridge between the supplier and the customers. Characteristically, our warehouse and retail orders get shipped from the distribution centres.

Our central distribution centre usually stores the products for a lesser period of time compared to our warehouse. This is to ensure that the flow of movement through the distribution centre is faster than that at the warehouse.

Furthermore, our central distribution centre is well equipped with the most modern technology for processing of orders and warehouse and transportation management.

Warehouse professionals cum logistics experts of our central distribution centre are well-versed with the technical knowledge to identify products, inbound shipments, sort and organize the products in a way that permits easy and quick retrieval.

We are here to empower your business by ensuring that your products are readily available whenever necessary. Our clients are always benefited by our cross-docking solutions via which inbound freight is straight away moved to another dock for the outbound service, avoiding storage hassle and accelerating the supply chain.

This cross-docking eventually boosts the ultimate value of the overarching system.

From CDC, we serve the respective customers all over India and Nepal and further goods from CDC are supplied all over Indian distribution centres.