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Warehouse Management

"The line between disorder-order lies in logistics"

Our expertise in warehouse management provides service without compromise on quality arrangements for your business.



Our storage service fills the gap between consumer and producer and ensures a stable supply of merchandise to the main market. The maintenance of the storage house promises the clients safety and security. Important warehouse and logistics centres include:

  • DC or Distribution centres
  • TC or Transfer centres
  • PDC or Process distribution centres (PDC).

Our expertise in material handling keeps the factors intact in terms of protection, movement, storage and the control of products and materials throughout the process of distribution, manufacturing, warehousing, consumption and disposal.

In this whole process, material handling possesses a broad range of automated and semi-automated equipments. The system sustains logistics and keeps the Embee supply chain to work. The application helps in:

  • Production planning
  • Forecasting
  • Process management
  • Resource allocation
  • Customer deliverance

In the process of inventory control, we give importance to the accomplishment of all kinds of supply chain involved in handling all kinds of products & supplies.

This control system allows for vital tasks like product expiry management or tracking by checking significant data points in every item of the supply chain. This includes:

  • The location/address
  • The SKU
  • Lot number(s) and batch

All these data ensure visibility and it also helps you to manage the supply chain more effectively.


Our expertise and experience strengthen our services of supply chain efficiency through regular adherence to client SOPs compliance basis on requirement. We at Embee offer transparency with the clients by providing detailed reporting.

Here are the SOP's to control our supply chain:

  • SOP-SCM-001: Stock Insurance Management
  • SOP-SCM-002: Guidelines for Warehouse Facility Assessment
  • SOP-SCM-003: Procedure for Warehouse Operations
  • SOP-SCM-004: Warehouse Opening and Closing Procedures

Our forward logistics service helps you to manage the forward movement of items from manufacturer to consumer. Customer demands dictate the original rate of forward logistics which is reserved at each step to deal with variances in demand.


As the consumers look ahead to a responsive return policy, thus, this complex communication is made simpler with Embee Traders supply chain as the expert in reverse logistics.

As one of the industry leaders and innovator in the field of reverse logistics, we have transformed the process of return into a planned advantage for some companies. Our experience offers the competitive benefit in smooth functioning of:

  • Liquidate inventory
  • Analysis, revamp and refurbish
  • Operate centralized return option

We consider the cost-effectiveness and efficient transfer of the goods which are purposely maintained in excellent condition throughout the travel as a priority.

To achieve this, we at logistics expert manage the logistics needed to make sure that goods reach your destination on time.


We promise shelving of your items in the system as well as the retrieval from the system availability of the mechanical equipments for Racking (placement and the retrieval) which relates to the unit load get the job done conveniently.